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African Valve is the top Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Libya. A triple offset butterfly valve is a type of industrial valve used to control the flow of fluids in various applications, including oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and water treatment. 

Its unique design includes three offset components: the disc’s rotation axis, the sealing geometry, and the shaft’s axis. This triple offset configuration allows for a bubble-tight seal, reducing leakage and ensuring tight shut-off, even in high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

African Valve leads as the top Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Libya, pproviding these advantages:



  • Excellent Sealing Performance: Triple offset design enables the sealing components to contact only at the final closing stages, ensure tight shut off and prevent leakage even in high pressure and temperature.

  • Versatility: Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are designed to  handle a wide range of fluids, including corrosive and abrasive media, as well as high-temperature and cryogenic applications.

  • Easy Maintenance: They require less maintenance compared to other types of valves, this lower overall lifecycle costs and increased reliability of the valve system.

  • High Performance: These valves offer high performance in terms of flow control, pressure drop. Their precise sealing mechanism allows for efficient modulation of flow rates, making them suitable for applications where accurate control is essential.

  • Extended Service Life: The materials used in these valves, such as stainless steel or exotic alloys, provide excellent resistance to corrosion, this combined with their robust construction and reliable sealing.


Industry we supply Triple offset Butterfly Valve:

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Power Generation

  • Water Treatment.

  • Chemical Processing

  • Process Industries

  • Mining Industry



  • Material: Cast iron, Ductile iron, Stainless steel (SS304, SS316, F304, F316, CF8, CF8M, SS316L, SS409L), Carbon steel, Duplex steel.

  • Class: PN10 to PN100, ANSI 150 to 600

  • End Connection: Wafer, Lug, Flanged

  • Size:  2″ to 72”

  • Operation: Hand-wheel, Gear Operated, Electric Actuated, Pneumatic Actuated



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