"(IBP) Institute of Behavioral Psychology is a psychology based, multipurpose educational center, located in Karachi, Pakistan. It is the only Institute of its kind in South Asia that offers educational, therapeutic and psychological services for children, youth and adults under one roof. We are the only school of its kind in South East Asia that helps to integrate students with Learning problem. An International Standard School that provides a wide range of services to 'Special Needs' students, Meeting the Physical, Social, Emotional & Psychological needs of children, youth & adults. We play a role in children’s development, academic, vocational, psychological, physical and social, with special emphasis on children with special needs, slow learners, as well as children with learning and behavior problems Since 30 Years. We help every child, youth and adult to develop his full potential. To empower every individual working with our precious children with the knowledge and skills to bring out their best, and to ensure that in the race of life, all our children reach the victory stand Since 30 Years. Call us Now at +922135841713"