Online NTN Certificate & Check Filer Status by FBR Pakistan

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How to check NTN Verification by CNIC ?

If you want to check National Tax Number (NTN) by using CNIC Number then follow the below method:

  • Open the website of FBR
  • Click on the tab “Search Taxpayers
  • Click on the tab “NTN Inquiry
  • To Check Taxpayer Profile Inquiry, click on the “Taxpayer Profile Inquiry” option from the left sidebar.
  • Select your relevant option from the drop-down i.e., Parameter Type, Which may be CNIC Number / NTN Number / Passport Number / Registration Number / Incorporation Number.

Provide your “Registration No” in the registration field. (Number Provided by FBR while taxpayer’s registration of National Taxation Number (NTN), but according to Selection of “Parameter Type”).

  • If You selected “CNIC” in “Parameter Type” then Provide your “CNIC” in the “Registration No.” field. You can also select / provide, Passport No, Registration No, and / or Incorporation No.
  • Provide captcha against the “Captcha” field / Enter Code already given in front of this field.
  • After Provision of all required information, Now click the “Verify” button.
  • Moreover, It will provide you all the Information related to taxpayer / Taxpayer Profile Inquiry on FBR Online (Registration NoReference No (which is used as NTN Number), Registered for Sales Tax (Yes/No), Name of Taxpayer, Taxpayer Category, PP/Reg/Inc No, Email, Cell, Address, Registered On, Tax Office, Registration Status, any Business Added (Business Name, Business Activities, Business Address).
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