Volkswagen Type 3 Trims line and Sill New

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Volkswagen Type 3 Trims line and Sill New

A set trims line of two front pieces: 1137mm, Two door pieces: 1065mm, and two rear pieces: 1545mm, 30 clips and screw. (Trims line ( 6pcs )- width is 11.7mm) A set sill of two pieces: 1550mm x 17mm, 14 clips and screw. They are made stainless steel 304, no rust, polished like chrome, 0.8mm thickness, Please check the size with your vehicle, before ordering. Or, Please send your vehicle’s measurements, we will make trims line and sill trims according to request.

Please see details at my web:

Products are made of 304 stainless steel imported from Japan and India, especially with a chrome content higher than 30%, so they never rust, do not corrode or peel over time.

The product has shape and size like the original samples. So, They perfect fit on the car.

Polished product – with a perfect shine (like chrome)

The current bumper models we have: Mercedes, Datsun, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Ford, Opel, Triumph….

More than that, we always want to work towards developing more new models. So we are searching for samples from any customers who can cooperate with us to expand some kinds of products in stainless steel, rubber, steel, aluminum, copper, chrome such as bumpers, trims, plate number frames, parts of classic cars, modern cars, stainless steel tools for high-class bathrooms, stainless steel parts for high-end tables and chairs.

The choice for your car: luxury – class.

We can support for you:, VW TYPE 3 TRIMS LINE AND SILL NEW

If you need bumpers for any classic car, please contact.




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