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Check Online How Many Sims Registered on Your CNIC

How to check the number of sims registered against your CNIC?

There are two easy ways to check the no. of sim cards issued against your CNIC:

1- Through SMS

Open the text message application on your mobile phone. Type in your CNIC number without using any hyphens or dashes. Now, send this message to 668. You will soon receive a reply via text message showing you the total number of active SIM cards against each operator issued on your CNIC Number or ID Card.

2- Online Through Website

To find out the total number of SIMs registered against
your CNIC, enter your CNIC and click Submit. In case of Foreign Nationals, click on Foreign ID at the link below:

Click Here: Check No. of Sims Online Issued Against Your CNIC

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Online NTN Certificate & Check Filer Status by FBR Pakistan

In this article you will learn about

  • Online ntn verification by cnic
  • Online fbr verification
  • Active taxpayer status online
  • Check file status online
  • ntn certificate
  • ntn certificate download
  • ntn certificate pdf

How to check NTN Verification by CNIC ?

If you want to check National Tax Number (NTN) by using CNIC Number then follow the below method:

  • Open the website of FBR
  • Click on the tab “Search Taxpayers
  • Click on the tab “NTN Inquiry
  • To Check Taxpayer Profile Inquiry, click on the “Taxpayer Profile Inquiry” option from the left sidebar.
  • Select your relevant option from the drop-down i.e., Parameter Type, Which may be CNIC Number / NTN Number / Passport Number / Registration Number / Incorporation Number.

Provide your “Registration No” in the registration field. (Number Provided by FBR while taxpayer’s registration of National Taxation Number (NTN), but according to Selection of “Parameter Type”).

  • If You selected “CNIC” in “Parameter Type” then Provide your “CNIC” in the “Registration No.” field. You can also select / provide, Passport No, Registration No, and / or Incorporation No.
  • Provide captcha against the “Captcha” field / Enter Code already given in front of this field.
  • After Provision of all required information, Now click the “Verify” button.
  • Moreover, It will provide you all the Information related to taxpayer / Taxpayer Profile Inquiry on FBR Online (Registration NoReference No (which is used as NTN Number), Registered for Sales Tax (Yes/No), Name of Taxpayer, Taxpayer Category, PP/Reg/Inc No, Email, Cell, Address, Registered On, Tax Office, Registration Status, any Business Added (Business Name, Business Activities, Business Address).
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