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Nothing can give us more joy in this life than physical intimacy. Life can be wonderful if your sexual life if good and healthy. When the sexual life between a couple is good, that can keep them happy and make them long for each other, leading to a strong and enjoyable relationship. There is no limit to enjoyment that one can derive out of physical intimacy. Every soul in this world would like to prolong their intimacy as much as possible; more so with romantic couples. Viga Spray In Pakistan spray fortified with Vitamin E helps men retain their erection for a longer than normal duration and perform without ejaculation. The skin-friendly spray should help couples enjoy a prolonged intimacy and enjoy a thorough orgasm and the kind of gratification that couples receive cannot be conveyed through words, but should only be experienced. The spray is particularly helpful for men with premature ejaculation problems and for those who deliberately wanted to extend their coital time and enjoy a memorable session.

Top 5 Usage Tips of Viga Spray in Pakistan (Men Delay Spray)

If you choose one of the Viga Spray in Pakistan, be sure to use it as directed. Also, consider some advice from the pros (me that is). I have been tinkering and tampering with sex toys and dick delay products from quite some time now, so I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Make sure your partner knows you’re about to use a delaying product if you plan to fuck without a condom, especially if the product transfers easily. You do not want to be forced to explain why their crotch is numb during sex, or worse, on fire.
  2. Don’t forget to wash the shit off when you’re done, even if you can’t feel it very much anymore. You’d be surprised how many times I did that, only to wake up in the morning with a sick rash all over my family jewels.
  3. Never attempt oral sex if the product explicitly advises otherwise. I don’t care how hot the shit gets. Nobody wants to deal with unwanted facial numbness, sudden sickness, or death and you’re too pretty for prison.
  4. Wash off your hands if you use them to apply the product. Nothing is worse than wiping your eyes with this shit on them. Can anyone say “ouch?”
  5. Store your bottle or container in a temperature safe environment – one that’s far away from extremely hot or cold climates. Frozen delay sprays gunk up and don’t work right, and overheated delay sprays smell funny and sweat all over the place. That mess is 100% avoidable if you keep your shit together

What Does Viga Spray In Pakistan Contains?

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