Ultrasonic Digital Water Flow Meter S-1, 24-C , Sunset Lane No.1, Phase 2 ext DHA
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Price : Rs 198,000
Location : Karachi
Condition : Brand New

Portable Digital Water Flow Meter


1. The ultrasonic flow meter is widely used in environmental protection, petrochemical, metallurgy, paper, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
2. Non-contact measurement method, portable, small size, light and easy to carry.
3. The sensor is easy to install and suitable for measuring various sizes of pipe sound guide brackets.
4. No need to damage the pipeline during the measurement process, no need to stop production.
5. Built-in rechargeable battery for more than 12 hours of continuous operation, more convenient to use.
6. Automatic memory for the first 64 days, the first 64 months, the first 5 years of cumulative flow.
7. Compact and solid, advanced die-cast aluminum host and cones with accessories.
8. Backlit LCD displays all instantaneous data and cumulative positive, negative, static flow, flow, time, analog input and other data.



  1. Item Type: Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  2. Model: TUF-2000H

  3. Measurement Accuracy: Flow ±1%, Heat ±2%

  4. Sensor Probe Measurement Range: DN15-100mm(TS-2)/DN50-700mm(TM-1)/DN300-6000mm(TL-1)

  5. Power supply mode: Rechargeable battery power supply (charger included)

  6. Charging time: 8 hours

  7. Use time: 12 hours or more

  8. Working power supply: 90-230VAC (12 hours working after sufficient charge) including 2000mAh Ni-H Lithium battery

  9. Accuracy level: indication value ±1%, flow rate greater than 0.2m/s

  10. Unit of Measure: Meter, Feet, Cubic Meter, Liter, Cubic Feet, US Gallon

  11. Applicable pipe: carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, glass steel, etc.

  12. Liquid type: more than 30 kinds of pure liquids such as pure water and tap water

  13. Data logging: built-in data logger, can store 32Mbit memory

  14. Medium temperature: conventional -30-90℃, high temperature type up to -30-150℃

  15. Working temperature: host: -30-90℃; Sensor: -30-90℃ (high temperature sensor optional)

  16. Use humidity: 85% of the host

  17. Sensor Protection Level: IP67

  18. Housing Material: Flame Retardant ABS

  19. Host material: die-cast aluminum


Package list:


  1. 1 x TUF-2000H Ultrasonic Flowmeter

  2. 1 x sensor (TS-2/TM-1/TL-1 optional)

  3. 1x3m tape measure

  4. 1 x Tool Box

  5. 1x Adapter

  6. 1 x OCT data line

  7. 1 x steel support chain

  8. 1 x 5m Standard Sensor Signal Cable

  9. 1x User Manual

  10. 1x adapter

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