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This is a Newton’s cradle, also called a Newton’s rocker or a ball clicker.

The Newton’s Cradle is the perfect classic desktop science “toy”, a perfect blend of science and art, also unique promotional item for your next event! It is exceptional itself & demonstrates the Conservation of Momentum & Energy via series of swinging spheres.

Despite its seemingly simple design, the Newton’s cradle and its swinging, clicking balls isn’t just an ordinary desk toy. It is, in fact, an elegant demonstration of some of the most fundamental laws of physics and mechanics.

·         According to Newton’s third law of motion, it states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This means that forces always act in pairs.


·         Action and reaction forces are equal and opposite, but they are not balanced forces because they act on different objects so they don’t cancel out.


Our Contribution in manufacturing Newton’s Cradle in Pakistan

Over the years of experience, we have been manufacturing & distributing Hand Made Newton’s Cradle in Pakistan & globally. It has served for a variety of purposes whether be it a must item to be placed in the schools, colleges & universities science labs for demonstrating laws of physics in a more meaningful & practical way to make learning easy and interesting or that can be used as an educational gift to the students easy to carry & play with for fun. Corporate make use of it as a promotional item for branding & decorating their office desk tops. 

Uses of Newton’s Cradle:

·        Desktop Toy in office

·        School Lab Apparatus

·        Educational Gift Item

·        Show Piece at Home or Office

Newton’s Cradle Approx. Dimensions:

Length = 18.5 cm, Width = 15.5 cm Height = 19.5 cm

Steel Ball Dia = 20mm


Aluminum Frame, Steel Balls & Wooden Base Covered With Fine Rexene.

WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


Free Delivery in All Over Pakistan Via TCS.

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