D.H.A Phase II Extension Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan
Posted on August 28, 2021 / 235
Price : Rs 2,150,000
Location : Karachi

HI-TARGET GNSS RTK Receiver Model V90.


220 Channels
Pacific Crest USA motherboard
RTK Accuracy: 8mm+1ppm
Working Range 3-5 Km with Internal Radio, 10-15 Km with External Radio
Tilt Survey System
Electronic Bubble
Data Storage 16GB Internal + Internal Micro SD Card memory 32GB
Powerful 5000 mAh Li-ion battery for full day operation
IP67 Waterproof & dust proof

Accessories Included

V90 rover station * 1pcs;
V90 base station * 1pcs;
Battery for V90 * 4pcs;
Charger * 2pcs;
Data cable for V90 * 2pcs;
Antenna * 4pcs;
30cm extension rod * 1pcs;
Centering pole * 1pcs;
Steel tape measure * 1pcs;
External modem * 1pcs;
External modem antenna * 1pcs;
External modem cable * 1pcs;
Aluminum Connector * 2pcs;
Transfer aluminum sheet * 2pcs;
Plastic instrument case * 2pcs;
Ihand30 controller * 1pcs;
Ihand30 controller battery * 1pcs;
Data cable for Ihand30 controller * 1pcs;
Ihand30 controller bracket * 1pcs;
Ihand30 controller Stylus * 1pcs;
Ihand30 controller Power Adapter * 1pcs.
Wooden Tripod

Warranty : 2 Years

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