Engine Oil Tester Oil Analyzer S-1, 24-C, Sunset Lane No.1, Phase II (ext) DHA
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Price : Rs 24,500
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The OTO350 ENGINE OIL TESTER can pay for itself in just one saved oil change! Like a “Blood Tester” for the oil in your car, truck, motorcycle, etc., the OTO350 can help measure the health of your engine. A few drops of oil placed on the OTO350 sensor from a dipstick can instantly tell you the condition of your oil and engine.

The OTM350 can pay for itself in just one saved oil change.

Can detect serious engine problems before expensive repairs are needed.

Works on synthetic or standard motor oils. Works with all diesel or gas engines.

Reusable. Build-in Rechargeable lithium battery 1000mah inside.

The results are displayed by lighting LEDs ranging from 1 to 10.

– Green (1-7) means your oil is good,

– yellow (8-9) means fair,

– and red (10) means time to change.

– A rapid flashing 10 means you may have engine problems.

Simply clean off the sensor with an absorbent rag, and you are ready for the next test. Now you can decide when to change your oil based on the facts!

Over time, oil additives designed to neutralize acid build-up are depleted, and impurities build up in the oil. The OTO350 uses a unique capacitive/resistive sensor to measure the levels of acid (related to TBN) and contamination from soot, dust, dirt, wear metals, fuel, water or antifreeze. Using the OTO350, many customers have discovered leaks in their cooling systems long before any permanent damage to their engine. By confidently rejecting the outdated, 60 year old advice to change oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, most users can easily cut motor oil use by over 50%.

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