Electronic Digital Theodolite S-1, 24-C, Sunset Lane No.1, Phase 2 (ext) DHA
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Price : Rs 165,000
Listing Type : Other Business & Industry
Location : Karachi

“SETL” (China) European Standard Electronic Digital Theodolite Model SDJ-02

Technical Parameters


Image : Positive

Magnification Ratio : 30×

Effective Aperture of Object Lens : 45mm

Angle of View: 1o 30′

Shortest Visibility Distance: 1.5m

Stadia Multiplication Constant: 100

Stadia Addition Constant : 0

Resolution : 3′

Angle Measurement system

Mode of Angle Measurement: Photoelectric Incremental Reading

Min. Reading: 1′ 5′ 10″Selectable

Detection Method : H Both sides V: Single Side

Precision of Angle Measurement 2′

Unit of Angle DEG MIL GON

Display: LCD Double Side


Tilt Sensor : Automatic Vertical compensation

Range of Compensation :±3′

Optical Plummet

Image Positive

Magnification Ratio : 3×

Angle of View: 5

Focusing Range: 0.5m~∞

Sensitivity of vial

tubular vial: 30’/2mm

circular vial : 8’/2mm

Power supply

Battery: Rechargeable Ni-H Battery

Source Voltage 6V



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