Charpy Impact Test Apparatus

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Charpy Impact Test Apparatus

The Impact testing machine is designed for determination of resistance to fracture of materials by charpy test.

The Machine is constructed with a heavy base and support columns. The Pendulum is hung on ball bearings. A pendulum ring is also provided for safety purpose.

General Experiments

1- Determination of notched bar impact work.
2- Determination of notched bar impact strength.
3- Influence of notch form on impact work.
4- Influence of Materials heat treatment and temperature on impact work .

Technical Specification.

As a fast & economical test , it is used more as comparative test rather than definitive test where the charpy test specimens normally measures 55x10x10mm . Further these have notch that is machined across one of large faces. Recommended test materials are plastic and iron. Lift angle of hammer is adjusted to start from approximately 145 Deg to 155 Deginclination & maximum energy limit is 25 joules.

Test Significance

Charpy test assists in measuring energy absorbed by standard notched specimen while breaking under impact load and is economical quality control method for determination of notch
sensitivity as well as impact toughness of engineering materials. The test is commonly used on metals as well as also on ceramics, polymers and composites.

The notches may be in form of:
 V-notch
 U-notch/keyhole notch

Charpy Testing machine perform test on metals as well as on polymers, ceramics as well as composites and is commonly used for evaluating relative toughness/impact toughness of materials. This makes the test useful in quality control applications.

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