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Block D DHA EME Sector, Lahore, Pakistan
Posted on September 25, 2020 / 698
Listing Type : Building Materials
Location : Lahore
Condition : Brand New

We provide at Access Technologies the best hydraulic lift in the building, you can ever install in your Building.

Our product has the following distinct advantages over competitors:

* It is driven by a Permanent Magnet Gearless Machine. This technology was so far only available on high-end commercial elevators. Because we use a PM gearless machine our elevator ride is extremely smooth and noiseless. You will not be disturbed by the noise of the elevator in your living space.

* Because safety should always come first we have developed the safest hydraulic lift in the building on the market. Multiple safeties (Brake on machine low-speed shaft, electrical dynamic braking) act either separately or combined to provide the highest level of safety in the industry.

*It is Machine Room Less. No other space than the hoistway is needed.

* No hydraulics. Your home will not be smelling oil.

*Because our elevator car can override the machinery we can accommodate with reduced overhead spaces, as low as 7’ 8” (although our standard is 8’ 6”)

* We offer a true power back up. In case of a power outage, the elevator will keep running at full speed and full load for several hours as if nothing happened.

* Our elevator is delivered to your home pre-assembled in modules and can be installed in 2 days

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