Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer Exhaust Emission Tester Exhaust Gas Analyzer S-1, 24-C, Sunset Lane No.1, Phase II (ext) DHA, Karachi
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Price : Rs 598,000
Listing Type : Other Business & Industry
Location : Karachi

Exhaust Emission analyzers, also known as gas analyzers, are devices that measure the amount of air pollutants that a certain engine or industry emit into the air. ..

Main Function:

Used to measure the concentration of HC, CO, CO2, O2, NOX in the Automobile Exhaust Gas
Two kinds of Test Function: General and Two-speed idle
Full English Menu Operation
LCD (Liquid crystal) screen display
Automatic calculation and show the air-fuel ratio
Equipped with RS232 digital serial communication
interface to facilitate networking
Optional function: rotate speed and oil temperature Measurement
Equipped with functions of plate number and time display
Can store and search 500 groups of data, built-in printer
Measurable with Liquefied Petroleum
Gas(LPG),Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) and gasoline and other alternative fuel vehicles

Main Technical Parameter:

Environment conditions:
Temperature: -5~40℃ humidity: ≤95%
Atmosphere pressure: 67.0~106kps
Power supply:AC 220V ±10%; 50Hz ±1Hz

Measurement range:
HC: 0~10000 10-6(ppm) vol
CO: 0~10.0 10-2 (%)vol
CO2: 0~20.0 10-2(%)vol
O2:0~25.0 10-2 (%) vol
NOx:0~5000 10-6(ppm)vol

Response Time:
CO, HC, CO2≤10S ; NOx, O2≤15S

Indication Error:
CO: ±5% (relative error: 0-10%)
CO2: ±5% (relative error: 0-20%)
HC:±5% (relative error: 0-2000ppm vol Hexane
±10% (relative error:2001-9999ppm
vol Hexane equivalent)
O2: ±5% (relative error: 0-20.9%)
NOx: ±4% ( relative error)

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