Air Meter Air Quality Monitor Pollution detector TVOC, HCHO, PM2.5, PM10 formaldehyde detector s-1, 24-c, sUNSET lANE nO.1, pHASE II ext DHA, Karachi
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Price : Rs 29,500
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Location : Karachi

Air Quality Monitor Air Meter Pollution Detector 9 in 1 TVOC, HCHO, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity formaldehyde detector 

Display: Digital LCD 

Battery capacity: 2000mAh 

Input: 5.0V/800mA

Working Environment 

Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 kpa

Relative humidity: 20%-85%

Storage Temperature: -20 Deg. C to + 50 Deg. C


Detection object : HCHO

Detection range: 0.0001-1.999mg/m3

Collecting Air sample time: 3 second 

Detection technology: Electrochemistry sensing technology

Sample standard: Air sample collection 

Display unit: mg/m3

Operation temperature: -5 Deg. C to + 45 Deg. C 


Detection object: TVOC including benzene

Detection range: 0.001-1.999mg/m3

Collecting Air Sample: 3 second 

Detection technology: Semiconductor sensor technology

Sample Standard: Air sample collection 

Density unit: mg/m3

Operating temperature: – 5 Deg. C to + 45 Deg. C 


Detection Theory: by laser scattering method

Detecting particle size: 2.5um,10um

Detecting particle type: PM2.5/10

Collecting Air sample time: 3 second

Detection method: Density/L

Detection range: 0-500ug/m3

Detection temperature : -10 Deg. C to 45 Deg. C 

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